What I’ve Learned…

Sunblest has been my home for the last 5 years. It’s the place I “grew up” post-divorce, where I’ve done the majority of my healing, the space I searched and found myself.  My counselor challenged me to write about some of the lessons I’ve learned as a way of commemorating my time there – and perhaps providing some closure.  Below are just a small sampling of the lessons I’ve learned during my years in Fishers.  I’ve learned…

To cherish every day I’m granted to parent my girls (post Sophie falling out the window and Cloe’s allergic reaction last summer)

To be aware of my surroundings (post-mugging)

To be more open – on and off my blog – and accepted by others (post my “I’m not going to trust anyone” life)

To have girlfriends (post previously having mostly male friends)

To set physical goals and achieve them (post running 4 mini-marathons, lifting, and detox-ing)

To drive in the “big city” (post many close calls and getting lost more times than I can count)

To love and be loved (post walling myself off and not being open to love)


~ by Serena on June 6, 2011.

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