How a Co-Worker Made My Day

“What size shoe do you wear?” my co-worker asked.  I complimented her on her outfit, which launched an entire conversation about clothing and accessories, including Charming Charlie’s, a new store close to work that I’ve been told I need to check out.

“7.5 or 8,” I responded.  “Why?”

“Oh, you’re my size! I cleaned out my closet and have some shoes I’m going to get rid of.  I think you might like them.”

“REALLY?”  My eyes became saucers.

Sure enough, the next day at work I received a bag with TWO new pairs of shoes!  In my size!  That are cute!

And that’s how a co-worker made my day!


~ by Serena on June 3, 2011.

One Response to “How a Co-Worker Made My Day”

  1. Charming Charlies is AWESOME. I found it when I lived in FL and I loved it. When I moved up here they were adding one to Jefferson Pointe in Fort Wayne and I felt like it was a gift to me from God. Seriously. You will love it!

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