Choosing Joy

“You just need to choose joy,” my friend said. She spoke truth, and I knew it.  But it didn’t seem feasible.

“How do you expect me to choose joy in the midst of such a crappy situation?” I retorted.

“I didn’t say it would be easy,” she responded.

Our conversation reverberated in my mind over the next few days.  I started praying for joy.  Reading verses about it.  Reciting the phrase,“I’m choosing joy” throughout my day.

But seemingly everything kept going wrong.  Out of mere frustration, I finally cried out, “I’m choosing joy, DAMNIT!”

I’d love to wrap up this little post by exclaiming that I’m finding joy in any and all situations, that I’m so full of it these days that it flows out my ears. But I would be lying.  The truth is, I’m struggling to find joy among the trials and tribulations that life brings…

But Jonathan and I DID get a good laugh out of my verbiage, and we’ve repeated it often in jest.


~ by Serena on May 25, 2011.

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