Out of Control

I don’t get asked very often any more about my ex-husband.  But when I do, it brings back a flood of wretched memories, many of which had to do with his excessive control. It was expressed in several ways – putting me to bed (literally), calculating what I ate (“Three more bites”), and controlling what I wore.

When we got married, I owned a pantsuit with an inset collar that was leopard-print.  He deemed that unfit for me to wear, since he considered animal print to be “wild and out of control.”  What would people think?  *gasp

This is probably why 6.5 years post-divorce, I own a zebra print belt, leopard print bag, and multiple pairs of animal-print shoes.

I’ve always loved animal print, but my affinity for it has grown in the aftermath being told what not to wear.  It serves as a reminder of how far I’ve come and how “wild and out of control” I am. 🙂


~ by Serena on May 18, 2011.

One Response to “Out of Control”

  1. That’s my gal!! Booyah!

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