Love Languages…For Pets?

Remember my post about the 5 Love Languages?  I think it applies to pets too.

Both of my girls are all about quality time, though they express it differently.  Cloe feels loved when she’s in the middle of whatever I’m doing.  Whether it’s sitting on my laptop while I’m typing or walking on wrapping paper as I’m beautifying a gift, that’s where she wants to be.  Whereas, Sophie just wants to be close to me, not in the middle of things.  If I’m cooking, she’s in the kitchen.  If I’m putting laundry away, she’s in the closet with me (not sitting in the middle of the pile, thankfully). 

Cloe is more of a physical touch girl in general, and she’s verbal about telling me so.  Sophie has to be in the mood to be petted or loved on.  If she doesn’t want to be (which is a lot of the time), she will slither away from your reach. But when she is (which is almost exclusively with me), she’s all about flopping in my arms and being held like a baby so I can rub her tummy.

For the most part, the girls don’t care much for gifts.  I’ve tried to buy them toys, but most have been flops (with the exception of Red Mouse and a few cat nip mice Jonathan got them for Christmas).  In general, they prefer milk rings and straw wrappers.

When it comes to words of affirmation, both girls are sensitive to my tone.  I tell them every morning as part of my routine how much I love them.  They know when they’re being praised…and when they’re being scolded.

Likewise, I don’t think they’re much into acts of service…other than emptying their litter box, which is a necessity.

Hmm…perhaps I should write a Love Languages book for pets! 🙂


~ by Serena on May 9, 2011.

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