Detox Update

We’re wrapping up week 4 on our detox diet.  So far, Jonathan has lost 12 pounds; I’ve lost 8.  A few (random) comments…

-Other than my clothes fitting differently, I’ve noticed that I’m not able to do as many reps when I’m lifting weights.  (I’m guessing I’ve lost muscle, as well.)

-This diet is expensive!  It is much more costly to eat fresh fruits and vegetables (as well as organic meats/food) than it is to eat unhealthy junk.  (Perhaps this adds to why America in general is obese?)

-Jonathan was craving Mexican food last week, so we indulged in our cheat meal at On the Border.  The queso was AMAZING!

-We’re getting pretty good at experimenting with food.  I sautéed some fresh fish last night in olive oil (& spices), and it was yummy. I also cut my first mango last week.  (A fun side note: my Sophie went nuts over this mango! She kept trying to eat it out of my bowl.  Apparently cats like mango?)

-It takes me 10 minutes to order my food when I go out to eat, which  reminds me of When Harry Met Sally. “What comes on that side salad?  Oh, can I get it without cheese and croutons, with balsamic vinaigrette on the side?”  Most waitresses have been gracious and patient.

-I’ve been surprised that I don’t have as many cravings as I thought I would, even sans most of my favorite meals in the world. 

-I’ll admit that it was quite difficult to be at Red Robin without my peach tea and Olive Garden without breadsticks (with their savory alfredo dipping sauce), but it CAN be done.

-I think Jonathan and I will incorporate some of the principles of this diet into our lives after the wedding, but I don’t think we’ll be as strict with it.  There are foods that we miss and want in our life…like pizza.

…5 weeks to go!


~ by Serena on May 6, 2011.

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