I’m Feeling…

Grateful to have a job where I can use my gifts and talents to tangibly serve the Lord.

Excited to see my brother tomorrow.

Sad I won’t be running the Mini on Saturday (though my knees are better for it).

Amazed there are only a little over 5 weeks ‘til the wedding.

Overwhelmed with details for said wedding.

Relieved that Easter is over (my workload is much lighter).

Ready for the weekend.

Hungry.  (Where are my cashews?)

Anxious for my Pawpaw to be out of pain.  He has surgery tomorrow on his back. (Please pray.)

Happy to see the sun.

How are you feeling today?


~ by Serena on May 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “I’m Feeling…”

  1. Excited about a second job interview next week, tired, grateful that I have been able to sub more, so we can pay our bills, tired from some long days of work, sad because I am still dealing with the loss of my Grandma, and the reality that I only have 1 grandparent left, and I will lose her eventually too, which will be the hardest, frustrated with God due to struggling with Old Testament passages, grateful for God’s little blessings that are helping me get through this difficult time, scared that I might break down again… I think that’s enough for now! How can we have so many different emotions going on?!?

  2. Tired because I have not slept much this week, excited about house hunting, anxious about seeing 2 houses again in Friday with Dave/Bev, exhausted from mentally comparing said houses all.the.time, a little shaky because I had too much coffee this morning, blessed because I have a husband who loves me and we have nothing to complain about, excited for your wedding that is coming up so soon which also means a weekend vacay for us :), and I could probably keep going. Mostly it is all about the houses right now…I am in love with a house!!

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