To Be Told

I recently read the book To Be Told by Dan Allender.  It has an interesting premise – that God has written certain themes in our lives, so if we can figure out what those are, we can, in essence, continue to carry those out in our future.  “God orchestrates all of the influences (good and bad) in our life to blend a symphony of themes that reflects His purpose.”

Some of my favorite quotes are below…

-If you don’t like your story, then you must not like the Author. Or conversely, if you love the Author, you must love the story He has written in and for your life.

-Do I really believe that God not only wrote my story but also loves my story?

-God has crafted our character and given us a role that will reveal something about Him that no one else’s story can reveal in quite the same way.

-The future is meant to be written in light of the patterns of the past.  We can’t predict the future, but we can read the patterns to see how God has marked us for His purposes. He uses the past to open our future. As we learn to read patterns, we gain an understanding of our calling.

-Coming to love your own life requires you to believe that the past was God’s will, that the already completed chapters were ultimately written for both His glory and your participation in His redemption. Though we can never comprehend His will regarding atrocities and evil, we simply know He is neither the author of sin, nor does anything happen that thwarts His ultimate purposes. He uses pain and brokenness, just as He uses shalom.

What are the themes God has written in your life?

~ by Serena on May 2, 2011.

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