Dinner Drama

I had the privilege of babysitting my niece and nephew a few weekends ago.  This was my first time babysitting alone with BOTH of them.  We did well…until dinner. I put Nathaniel in his high chair and started slicing a banana for him when Anna appeared. “Aunt Serena, is dinner ready?” 

“It should be in a minute, “ I said.  “Let me go check on it. You can have a seat.”

But the casserole wasn’t done.  By the time I returned, Nathaniel had inhaled all of his banana, and Anna had put 5 pickles on her plate.

“That’s a lot of pickles, honey,” I observed as I sliced more banana on Nathaniel’s tray. “I know.  I like them,” she replied.  “Aunt Serena, can you cut my apple?”

I sliced the thing in half only for her to start screaming protests.  She apparently meant that she wanted me to CUT THE SKIN off her apple.  I started that chore when the buzzer dinged for the casserole.  I ran in the kitchen to check that, when Anna called, “Aunt Serena, can I put my yogurt on my plate?” 

“Sure,” I yelled in response.  It wasn’t until I returned to the dining room (with the half-baked casserole) that I realized her yogurt was a smoothie, which was now running all over her plate, dousing the remnants of her pickles.  “Aunt Serena, I need a spoon.”  I sent her to the kitchen for one.  She returned with 5.

Meanwhile, Nathaniel was grunting because he was out of banana.  I tossed some puffs on his tray to tide him over.

I spooned out some casserole on my plate to cool, went to get a new plate for Anna, and resumed my peeling of her apple, when Maggie (their dog) pushed her empty water bowl to my feet.  I was filling that in the kitchen sink when she nosed the doorhandle, her warning that she needed to go out.  So I grabbed the leash and out we went.  Not only did she do #1, she needed to do #2. 

By the time I returned, Nathaniel was begging for more food, so I put some now-cooled casserole on his plate and resumed my apple peeling.  That’s when I realized I left the oven on, so I went to take care of that.

The entire ordeal helped me realize a few things…1) The kids were nearly done eating, but I hadn’t even had a bite to eat. 2) I don’t know how stay-at-home or single moms do it. And 3) I don’t want kids for a looooong time. 🙂


~ by Serena on April 25, 2011.

4 Responses to “Dinner Drama”

  1. Imagine twins. 🙂 In the midst of potty-training, one has an accident while strapped in HER seat for lunch, and her sister manages to flip her chair backward, crashing to the floor… won’t go into more details, but you made me reminisce. Glad our girls are in sixth grade, not preschool. (ths situation described above had much more to it, then – I’ll tell you the story if you ever wish. But you may not.)

  2. oh, serena! this sounds like a pretty typical day in my house!

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