Jason Gray

In January, Jonathan and I saw the movie The King’s Speech, a phenomenal story of King George VI of Britain and his work with a speech therapist.  Prior to that time, I had little knowledge of speech impediments, so the movie left me wondering if music really helped stutterers.

A few weeks later, we went to see Mark Schultz, one of my favorite musicians, in concert.  Opening for him was an artist named Jason Gray, whom I had not heard of previously.   He spoke with an obvious stutter – b’s, t’s, and r’s really caused him to struggle.  He shared how he feels like Moses, pleading with God to not make him speak in public because he’s so self-conscious about it, yet it comes with the gig (no pun intended) with his music.  When he was singing (which he did well, I might add), he did so flawlessly.  I never would have known he had any speech issues whatsoever.

It was so neat to see someone fulfilling their calling, despite their fears.  Well done, Jason!


~ by Serena on April 20, 2011.

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