Wanting To Be Her

I read the book Wanting To Be Her recently.  Below are some of my favorite quotes…

The grass certainly seems greener under the feet of a supermodel. 

We are the only thing God made that wasn’t just good – it was very good (Genesis 1:31).

“If we understand that everything is created by a perfect God and declared good and holy, we’re not bent on changing ourselves.  We are free to be.” –Couchman

If shame tells me I’m defective, grace tells me I’m valuable.

Many of us say to God, “Really great job with all of humanity.  But my particular body could have used a better design.”

We assume everyone shares our critical opinion of our body. We’re afraid that not only will we be judged harshly but those around us will ultimately hurt us.

I am starving for love because I have fasted from divine affection.

It’s not about attention from others…it’s about God and what He says about me.


~ by Serena on March 22, 2011.

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