The much awaited bridesmaid shoes are here!  How did I choose them?  I’m glad you asked!

Since the bridesmaids are wearing bright purple, our options were somewhat limited.  I was open to some sort of fun pattern with purple in it, but there were none to be readily found.  Black was too dark for June; gold made it look like Taylor (my alma mater) colors.  So I was shooting for something in the grey or silver range.

I also wanted a fun style – one that people would see and say, “Serena picked those out, didn’t she?”  🙂

I found a pair while shopping with Amy that I liked, but I didn’t love them.  Then I found a pair with Teri that I really liked, except they didn’t come in the right colors.  (Does this sound familiar to bridesmaid dress shopping?  It does to me!) 

On that same trip, Teri and I found a pair of shoes I loved in the clearance section at DSW, but they were red.  Low and behold, we found them in silver when we searched online.  I ordered them immediately.  Teri and Amy swear that they’re not intolerable to walk in, despite the heel being 4 inches tall.  We’re all thrilled!

So, here they are…the official bridesmaid shoes.  Ta-DA!


~ by Serena on March 16, 2011.

5 Responses to “Ta-DA!”

  1. Those are seriously so cute and they do look like you 🙂 Good job girls!

    • Thanks, Em! I knew you’d love them since we have such similar (I mean…awesome) taste in shoes. 🙂

  2. I love those!

  3. Very nice…..Good job, Serena!!!!

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