Sweatin’ With the Smellies

There was man at the gym a few weeks ago that I almost went to Target to buy deodorant for.  I got within a 6 foot radius of him when I caught my first whiff.  I also made the mistake of using a machine after him, which reeked of his prior use.

I understand working up a sweat while at the gym.  I do it frequently.  (Isn’t that the point?)  And yet most other people I work out around don’t pollute the air like he does.

Do some people’s sweat smell worse than others?  Or is it the quantity of sweat that makes a difference?  Is cleanliness a factor?  What about diet? Anyone know?


~ by Serena on March 9, 2011.

One Response to “Sweatin’ With the Smellies”

  1. I just now happened upon your blog and after reading this post seriously wondered if we went to the same gym. But I see you’re not from Alabama so I guess there are two such guys! ha!

    But I’ve wondered the same thing…what is the reason behind it?!

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