The Shack

The Shack swept the nation when it came out in 2007. I resisted reading it because, well, I don’t really read.  But it was recommended to me again recently, so I took the plunge.  And I’m glad I did.

I really resonated with the main character, Mack.  The questions he asked God are some of the same I have wrestled with over the years, ones I plan to ask Him when we meet someday.  

The book in general helped me realize that though it’s not outside God’s capability to shield me from pain, it would violate free will to do so.  We live in a world of choice.  People choose sin.  God doesn’t “make them” sin.  (Nor does Satan, for that matter.)  I believe God knows what people will choose.  And, in the end, He can use those poor choices to bring about His purposes and good.

That being said, if God were to “protect” me from bad things happening, wouldn’t He have to do so for everyone else, as well?  And in doing so, He would likely avert people from sinning, which would prevent people from making their own choices, thus violating free will.  So, although I may desire for Him to shield me from pain and tragedy, it would be against the world order He has in place. 

What do you think?


~ by Serena on March 7, 2011.

One Response to “The Shack”

  1. I think the question of God and evil is one with which we regularly struggle to explain. It is interesting how people give God “the glory’ for good things, but do not attribute to him responsibility for misfortune, or to his inaction when failing to prevent negative events. I think this creates a strange view of how he interacts/is present with the world.

    My favorite summary (as close as I can remember it):

    Jesus doesn’t promise to start your stalled car, he promises to lie down and die with you in the snowstorm.

    Capon is fantastic author with a true gift.

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