Today, Nathaniel is turning 1 year old.  I spent some time with him this weekend.  Here’s what I discovered about my darling nephew…

-He loves, loves, loves Gerber Graduate puffs.   Any flavor will do.  The boy devours them.

-He’s extremely laid back.  If he’s hungry, he’ll let you know.  Otherwise, he’s generally a happy baby.

-Though he’s not walking yet, don’t be fooled.  He’s a speed demon when it comes to crawling.

-He loves his bottle and is able to hold it himself.  That stuff is liquid gold to him.

-He’s enamored with music.  When I started singing to him, he was completely fixated on me (and I’m not even that good).  If you sing I Love to Laugh (from Mary Poppins), he’ll add in “A ha-ha-ha.”  It’s adorable.  We’re fairly certain he’s going to be on American Idol Season 25.

-One of his favorite things to do is open and close doors to cupboards.  It’s good fun.

Happy Birthday, Nathaniel!  Auntie Serena loves you! 🙂


~ by Serena on March 1, 2011.

One Response to “Nathaniel”

  1. What a sweet happy baby!!

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