Red Mouse

Blog world, meet Red Mouse.  My introduction is long overdue as he has been a part of our household since Valentine’s Day 2007.  I was at CVS (Osco at the time) and happened to walk through the pet section.  The fuzzy mouse was cheap and cute enough, so I sprung for it as a gift for the girls.

There are few toys that I’ve gotten them that have been such a big hit.  The mouse became a regular “player” when it came to frisky time, so I decided it should have a name.  Enter my exceedingly creative name of Red Mouse.

Interestingly enough, Cloe doesn’t pay much attention to him; however, Sophie and Red Mouse quickly became best friends.  He may not look like anything special to you, but to her, he’s the cat’s meow.  (HA.)  She carries him around in her mouth.  I have to giggle when she throws him into the air then chases him.   Sometimes I find him in the food dish.  Other times, he’s drowning….er….swimming in the water bowl.  Some mornings I’ve found him in my shoes as I go to put them on.  It’s kind of like a real life game of Where’s Waldo.  I never know where he’s going to show up!

…or when he’s going to disappear, for that matter. Last year, Red Mouse went missing for an extended period of time.  Jonathan and I searched my apartment high and low, but we came up empty handed.  I was devastated that Sophie had lost her BFF (since CVS doesn’t carry them anymore).  Low and behold, he turned up a few weeks later.  Only Sophie knows where he was hiding. 

We celebrated his return – after all, Red Mouse is part of the family!

Do your pets have favorite toys?

~ by Serena on February 16, 2011.

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