The Registry Experience

Jonathan and I both love Target, so it seemed like an obvious place to register for wedding gifts.  We strategically started with “big items” (dishes that would determine kitchen colors, a shower curtain that would dictate bathroom décor, etc). 

Right off the bat, we found a set of dishes that we liked, but upon further notice, they were not microwaveable.  (Why would I want dishes that I can’t use in the microwave?  SOOO not practical!)  So they were out.  Likewise, we found no shower curtains that we liked.  And we also struck out with bedding.  We went ahead and registered for some random gifts there – just because we still love Target.

We knew that we should register at multiple stores, so the next day we ventured to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  We found some dinnerware (that was thankfully microwaveable), but we didn’t love it.  We barely even liked the bedding that we finally talked ourselves into registering for. 

And so, 3 hours later, in the middle of the bathroom section staring at shower curtains neither of us really liked, I burst into tears. 

For a girl who doesn’t like making decisions, it was all a little much.  I didn’t want to choose A or B when I didn’t like either A or B.  To compound matters, we don’t know where we’re going to be living after we’re married, so we don’t know if we’ll need window treatments, let alone the size/color, among other amenities.  We likewise avoided registering for furniture/bigger items altogether since we don’t know if we’ll be in a house, a one bedroom apartment, or something inbetween.

Furthermore, I really struggled morally with registering for a $150 trash can.  Sure , it’s stainless steel and extremely nice, but can I justify spending that much money on a container that holds my trash?  (The $400 Dyson vacuum was an easier decision with all the hair my girls and I leave behind.)  We went ahead and registered for some of the more expensive items, figuring that people can buy them for us – or not.  The choice is ultimately up to them. 

In the end, we finished up the registry a few days later online – where we found MANY more options, including ones we really liked. So, if you’re looking for the perfect wedding gift for us, check out our updated registries at Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond!


~ by Serena on February 15, 2011.

One Response to “The Registry Experience”

  1. I totally agree Serena, not knowing where you will live makes registering very hard. Stephen and I ran into that problem last year and in the end we had to buy some necessities on our own once I moved to IN. It will all work out! 🙂

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