On & On & On & On…

I sat down in the free weights section at the gym and started my routine.  Minutes later, a shady-looking guy sat down on the bench next to mine.

“You’re lifting a good amount of weight there,” he said, striking up conversation. “I’m sorry if I’ve been staring at you,” he continued.  “You look exactly like a girl, Carla, I knew in Miami.  You know how they say that everyone has a twin?  Well, I know yours.  She has red hair, freckles, pale skin, your body type, the whole bit.”

I didn’t really know what to say.  I didn’t want to say anything, but that seemed rude.  So I uttered something like, “Gee, Miami sounds nice this time of year, why are you in Indiana?” 

It turns out he moved to Indiana via L.A., for “work.”  When I inquired as to what kind of work, he bounced around the topic.  He finally concluded with, “Well, it’s complicated.  I guess you could call it sales.”  (I honestly couldn’t get a straight answer out of him.  My best guess is that he’s a drug dealer.)  He’s hoping to go back to L.A. sometime soon, once “some things” get taken care of first. 

I wanted nothing more to do with this guy – or the conversation – so I started to put my ear buds back in.  He disregarded my social cues and continued, “So where do you work?”

I answered with as little information as possible in an attempt to end our little chat.  But it didn’t work, “So you do do graphic design stuff?  Do you like photography?  Cause I got the new Canon 3Ti, and I love to take shots.  I’ve worked with models, but I also do landscape too.  You should check out my flickr account.  Have you heard of flickr?”

He just kept going on & on & on & on…

I’m not sure if he was hitting on me or if he was just lonely and wanted to talk.  Regardless, I finally removed myself from the situation when there was the slightest pause in our conversation and relocated near the treadmills on the opposite end of the gym. How’s a girl supposed to work out (or end a conversation, for that matter) when a guy is talking her ear off?


~ by Serena on February 9, 2011.

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