Looking for Mr. or Ms. Right?

A group of scientists in Switzerland claim they can pinpoint your perfect match by analyzing your genes.

It’s apparently a legit dating site – genepartner.com – that analyzes a couples’ DNA compatibility.  Swab your suitor’s cheek, send it to a lab (with $99), and you, too, can find out if you are a match made in genetic heaven.

The theory is based on the Sweaty T-Shirt Expermient by Swiss biologist Claus Wedekind.  He asked male volunteers to wear t-shirts for two days, sans deodorant.  A group of ladies then sniffed the smelly shirts and ranked them by sexiness.  Come to find out, women lust for men whose immune-system genes are different from their own.  (It was suggested that we gravitate toward people of the opposite sex with varying immune-system genes because it can make our future kids’ immune systems stronger.)

Jonathan and I don’t need DNA proof to certify our sparks.  But it’s nice to know that we could confirm our genetic match-up if necessary.


~ by Serena on February 7, 2011.

One Response to “Looking for Mr. or Ms. Right?”

  1. This is interesting, where did you hear about this? haha

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