Snow Days!

Due to some crazy severe weather, Grace shut down Tuesday and Wednesday – and didn’t open Thursday until Noon.  I was thrilled… I haven’t had snow days since high school!  (If Taylor had some, I don’t remember.)  I took the opportunity to sleep in, watch TV shows (mostly Glee), and catch up on cleaning that I normally avoid like the plague (that would be the bathroom).

I ventured out yesterday morning feeling somewhat stir crazy.  But as soon as I stepped out of my apartment door and saw the 18 inches of ice before me, I was ready to run back in.  I was surprised that even when I stepped on it, it didn’t buckle.  (Impressive!)

I “skated” to my car on the ice rink that is my parking lot, imagining that I was Michelle Kwan, gracefully gliding in the Olympics.  Not really.  I was wobbily trying not to fall on my sweet little behind while balancing my laptop bag, purse, and gym bag.  I slipped and crackled my way there, less than gracefully.  I’m sure it was a sight to see.

It’s not that I didn’t prepare for the occasion.  I knew we got an exorbitant amount of ice, so I was conscious that it was going to be slick.  As I was getting ready for work, I literally went through each of my boots.  The pair with the most traction on the bottom won, so I formed my outfit around them.  (Not that this is really unusual… most days I center my attire around my shoes of choice.) 

The drive out of my apartment complex was pretty hairy.  I noticed that maintenance men were taking pick axes to the ice, trying to clear the sidewalks.  (Bless them!)  Once I reached the main roads, they were wonderfully clear.

The Grace parking lot had much to be desired, but they were hard at work trying to clear it with a backhoe, 3 uniloaders, and a truck with a plow on front (that consequently was spinning its tires when I drove in).

All that to say, it’s nasty outside!

Did you survive the icepocalypse?

~ by Serena on February 4, 2011.

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