Jonathan and I watched Fireproof a few weeks ago.

As a Christian, I’m probably supposed to love this movie.  However, it was exceptionally painful for me to watch. 

While I readily admit that the movie has a good message, it was buried beneath HORRIBLE acting.  It was so bad that Jonathan and I couldn’t help but make fun of it throughout. 

Beyond that, though, Kirk Cameron’s character in the beginning of the movie reminded me far too much of my ex-husband.  It was traumatizing to watch him scream at his wife.  It took me back to places I don’t like to remember…

Like most good movies, Fireproof had a happily ever after ending.  But not all marriages are salvageable.  It takes TWO willing people to work on a marriage.  I obviously didn’t have that luxury.

In the end, I DO recommend the movie for its content, but it’s not one I’ll be watching again any time soon.


~ by Serena on January 27, 2011.

One Response to “Fireproof”

  1. Yeah, it’s pretty poor acting… rather like an after-school special. I’m really sorry you had the traumatic experience of sort of re-living some terrible experiences. However, remember that God has redeemed a life that was miserable and given you joy again, including a wonderful man of God who loves you well.

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