The Spotbot

Last week, Jonathan earned the title of Best Fiancé in the World when he surprised me with a Bissel Spotbot (Pet Edition). 

Normally, I wouldn’t be so excited about a cleaning instrument (especially as a gift).  However, I happen to have two daughters who throw up when they get hairballs.  And when they eat human food.  And for no apparent reason.

So Jonathan has gotten more texts than any one person should that say something similar to, “Nothing says welcome home like cat vomit.”  Despite my best efforts with a sponge, rubber gloves, and cleanser, I never seem to get it all out.  Consequently, my cream colored carpet is splotched with nearly 5 years of kitty residue.

…but not for much longer!  This machine is amazing.  You fill one end with water and solution, put it on the spot, push a button (surface or set in stains), and it does the rest! 

I think I’m in love… with my fiancé AND now the Spotbot! 

Thanks, honey! 🙂


~ by Serena on January 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Spotbot”

  1. I have been eyeing that for years, but never knew anyone who had one. I may have to look into it now that our carpet cleaner died.

    • I highly recommend it! It’s great for pet messes, but I’m sure it’d do just as well with kid messes. 🙂

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