St. Louis

The weekend before last, Jonathan and I took a quick trip to St. Louis for a concert.  As we started our trek home that Sunday, we both commented, “Oh, it’s snowing!”  (We obviously hadn’t checked the weather report.)…

…which quickly turned into “Oh… it’s still snowing.”  I’m not going to lie: conditions were dangerously bad.  At some points, there were white-out conditions where we couldn’t see anything.  We were traveling around 25 mph most of the way.  I don’t think we could have chosen a worse day to travel, yet our concert and plans had been in place for months. 

At one point on I-70, we were stopped for over an hour.  When we finally started going again, we saw the reason for the delay: 7 semis in a row slid off the road into the median.  During our 10-hour trip home (which should have taken 4), we saw well over 30 cars in the ditch.

In the end, we’re grateful that we made it home safely – and we got lots of quality time together out of the deal. 🙂


~ by Serena on December 22, 2010.

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