How I Got My New Dallas Clark Jersey!

I was shopping with Mom and Dad last week at Castleton Mall.  Mom had a $20 coupon for Finish Line that was about to expire, so we went in search of some Under Armor for my brother.  (Hi, David!)

…but they didn’t have it.  Since jerseys were on sale, Dad thought he could use a new Colts one (especially since they go to all the home games with their season tickets).   He decided on Austin Collie.

…but they didn’t have it.  His second choice was Reggie Wayne.

…but they didn’t have it.  So Dad gave up his search.

I was next on the docket.  I began looking for some new workout clothes. 

…but they didn’t have it.  (That’s not entirely true.  They had plenty, but I refused to spend $35 – that’s after coupon – for clothes I’d only sweat in.) 

That’s when I noticed that they had women’s jerseys, which were also on sale.  Low, and behold, they had one for Dallas Clark  (one of my favorite players) in my size!

…And that’s how I got my new Dallas Clark jersey! 🙂  Thanks for the coupon, Mom!


~ by Serena on December 16, 2010.

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