A Lesson in Assuming

I pushed my cart into Checkout Row at Target.  An available cashier motioned for me to go into her lane.

I greeted her as I began putting items on the conveyor belt, but I was met with no response.  Maybe she’s having a bad day, I thought.

I was replenishing my supply of Nyquil (again), so my cashier held it up, motioning for me to get my ID.  That’s when I realized she wasn’t rude; she was deaf.

I desperately wanted to communicate with her.  I took a sign language class after my divorce, but seeing as how I know no one who’s deaf, I’ve forgotten nearly everything I learned.  Short of the alphabet and “Jesus,” I came up lacking.  I was able to recall the sign language “Thank you” and offered her that as I took my receipt.

On my walk to the car, I couldn’t help but think of how many other deaf people I might encounter and automatically assume that they’re impolite, only for them to not even realize I was trying to interact with them: lesson learned.


~ by Serena on November 30, 2010.

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