“Daaaaaaang” … & Other Nonsense

I was walking to my mailbox a few weeks ago when a car drove by.  The driver slowed down, leaned out the window, and yelled, “Daaaaaaaaang (not his word choice, but this is a G-rated blog), girl.  You fiiiiiine.”

I was not amused.

I was equally un-amused last week when I walked into McDonalds to return a Redbox movie.  I noticed that a car at the payment window in the drive-thru honked when I walked in, but I didn’t think it was at me…

…until the driver of the same car, which had now progressed to the food window, honked and whistled at me when I was returning to my car.

I realize that I’m preaching to the choir, since the readers of my blog are likely not those who are offending women this way. HOWEVER…what were their motives?  Seriously?  If they desire to share with me that they think I’m attractive, I would much rather they do so with their words (preferably in a properly constructed sentence) than have them make noises at me or call to me so as to beckon my attention.  Frankly, once they’ve gotten my attention in such an obnoxious manner, do I really look like someone who would be be drawn in by such nonsense?

It’s less than flattering to feel like a piece of meat.

What do you think, Ladies?  Do you agree?  Guys, why do your fellow species do this?  Help me understand.


~ by Serena on November 29, 2010.

One Response to ““Daaaaaaang” … & Other Nonsense”

  1. COMPLETELY AGREE!! Really frickin’ annoying and rude. Makes me feel degraded and gross.

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