Hello, Optimus!

A few weeks ago, my phone died.  Not like I-forgot-to-charge-it-died.  Like do-not-resuscitate died.

After I mourned a few moments – and freaked out momentarily at the thought of not being reachable– I realized that my Palm Centro and I had been together for nearly 3 years.  It was time to move on. 

So I made my way to Sprint and began my hunt for a new one.  I didn’t need a new fangled gadget since I’m not a techy person.  My criteria was rather simple: a phone that can text, call, keep my calendar & contacts, and get online.  It needed to fit in my tiny hand well and, ideally, have a good camera.  Period.

After I played with several of their display phones, I purchased the LG Optimus.  Not only was it on sale (since it was being released that weekend) for $50 (with rebate), it’s a Droid phone, so it offers endless “apps for that.”

I’ll admit that I felt overwhelmed at first with all its capabilities, but I’m getting used to it (especially the touchscreen keyboard).  So far, I’m really happy with my Optimus, and I’m confident that we’re going to become good friends.

R.I.P Centro…Hello, Optimus!


~ by Serena on November 23, 2010.

4 Responses to “Hello, Optimus!”

  1. Welcome to the world of Android phones. I love mine. If you need any help, let me know.

  2. My sister just got the same phone within the last week and really likes it too.

  3. Ironic how the last post was about funerals, and this one was about your phone dying….

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