Collie’s Concussion

If you are a Colts fan – like me – you were on the edge of your seat during this past Sunday’s game when Austin Collie yielded wicked hits from Philadelphia players Kurt Coleman and Quintin Mikell.

Early reports show that Collie suffered from little more than a concussion.  He has my sincerest sympathy.  I had one in 8th grade. 

I was innocently standing in the hallway facing my locker when two guys got in a fight.  (I must have been engaged in a stimulating conversation because I was completely oblivious.)  One picked up the other and swung him around.  His legs clotheslined me. 

I remember falling backwards and experiencing it as if it were in slow motion.  From there, the next thing I remember is opening my eyes to a group of people staring down at me asking if I was alright.  I had no idea why I was laying on the ground or why my head hurt. 

Our family physician diagnosed me with a mild concussion.  I was confused as to why my forehead hurt (almost as badly as the back of my head).  He explained that my brain shook when my head hit the cement floor so violently, so it likely bounced forward and hit the inside of my forehead.

Other than my head hurting, I suffered from some short-term memory loss.  I had no trouble recollecting anything from my childhood, but I struggled to remember what I had learned in class the day before.  I equally lacked the ability to focus on anything (which the doctor explained as my brain being “confused”).  I remember walking down the hall one day pondering which came first – the chicken or the egg – which is quite a lofty feat for an 8th grader, let alone one with a recent brain injury.

My symptoms lasted only a few weeks before I returned to normal.  (Well, as normal as I can be. :))  I hope the same is true for Austin.  With our injured reserve list growing each week, we need him healthy and back on the field!

We love you, Austin!


~ by Serena on November 12, 2010.

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