Pushing the Boundaries

We’ve had some lovely weather these last few weeks (especially for October!), so I’ve spent several evenings sitting on my balcony reading (I know, I know…).  I’ve left my screen door open, allowing my girls to explore a few square feet of the “great outdoors.” 

At first, they were hesitant to come outside, but once they did, they loved nosing around…until a large truck drove by and they bolted back inside as if the world were ending.

My beloved Sophie got especially brave and stepped over the edge of the balcony with her front paws (I think she saw a bird).  As soon as I would snap and say, “Sophie!” she would retreat…

…until a few minutes later when she would mosey on over to the same spot, only to again step over the edge.  The ornery thing did it repeatedly.  Each time, she would look at me before she slowly placed her paw where it was NOT supposed to be.  She knew she was in the wrong, but she did it anyway.

To a degree, I think we’re all a little like my cantankerous cat.  We like to push the boundaries.  We’ll tip-toe into those grey areas and get as close as we possibly can without actually going into the forbidden territory, all the while wonder if others are watching.

Like speeding, for example.  It’s not a sin, right?  If that’s true, then I shouldn’t feel guilty when I drive my usual 5-7 miles per hour over the speed limit.  (Going 20 miles per hour over the speed limit would CLEARLY be speeding – and sinning, but a few miles over is just, well, necessary.)  And I definitely shouldn’t be looking around incessantly to see if there are any policemen around. 

Do you like to push the boundaries too?


~ by Serena on October 27, 2010.

5 Responses to “Pushing the Boundaries”

  1. I don’t know which one I’m prouder of… you or Sophie.

  2. A _little_ speeding never hurts!

  3. You speak truth my friend, and I appreciate it. I definitely push the boundaries with God and with truth, and then repeatedly mosey back over… in that cycle right now, know I am, am having trouble wanting to stop and go where I need to be.

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