I Love My Boss.

“What is your favorite part of your job?” my boss asked me the other day. 

(If I’m being honest, my immediate answer was, “Going to lunch with friends,” but that’s like asking a student what their favorite class is and them answering, “Recess.”  I couldn’t bring myself to say it.)

After probably a minute of thought, I reluctantly said, “I don’t know…”

Our little interlude left me somewhat concerned.  It’s not that I don’t like my job.  But many of the tasks that I do on a weekly basis are not necessarily things that I’m passionate about.  They’re routine.

My boss picked up on my pregnant pause.  It spurred on a conversation later about things that I would LOVE to do more in my job (i.e. writing, editing, interviewing) and how we can try to implement more of those.

I love my boss. 

(For the record, he doesn’t read my blog, so it’s not like I’m getting brownie points out of this. 🙂 )


~ by Serena on October 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “I Love My Boss.”

  1. A good boss makes a WORLD of difference – and good co-workers too! When I worked at Chic-Fil-A as a teenager, I never thought I would love working at a fast food restaurant… but I did! It was a blast because I had good managers and great coworkers. After college, I worked at Partners In Housing, and I am not super fond of the CEO of that company. However, my supervisor was so fantastic! He was professional, knowledgable, available to his workers, sensitive… just a super boss. I had a client commit suicide while at that job, and I was devastated… I was super it was my fault. That boss helped me work through the experience and saved me from picking up some heavy baggage of guilt. Bosses make a world of difference, and good ones are priceless!

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