The Hero

This has been one of the driest Fall’s ever.  It was so dry a few weeks ago that the national weather service issued fire warnings for the area.  The humidity was extremely low.  Combine that with warm, sunshiney days and dry land, and it was the perfect recipe for fires. 

During that time, Mom happened to look out the window and notice a fire in a field North of my parents’ house.  She called Dad, who was combining in another field.  He instead got in a tractor, hooked it up to a cultivator, drove to the field, and began cultivating the soil to form a “border” so that the fire could not spread.  He got there before the firemen, who were eventually able to get the fire out.

Dad figured out a way to stop the fire and dropped what he was doing to help out a neighbor.  In my eyes, my father is nothing less than a hero. 

I love you, Dad, and I’m proud of you!


~ by Serena on October 14, 2010.

One Response to “The Hero”

  1. Wow!! Go, Dad!!!

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