A Letter

In A Journey Through Cancer, author Emilie Barnes wrote a letter readers.  Even though you may not be struggling with this wretched disease, it relates to suffering and pain in other areas as well.  I hope you are as inspired and challenged by it as I was…

My Dear Friend,

Are you at one of those points in life where you feel flattened, devastated, overwhelmed by grief and loss? It might not feel very comforting right now to be told that you’re a prime candidate for the Lord’s restoration. But you are.

Whether your losses are little or large, they are real and important. It’s all right to mourn the years the locusts are eating in your life… Remember, love is a prerequisite for grief. If you didn’t love, you wouldn’t really suffer from loss. So your suffering in a time of loss is really evidence of your love, and love is always a good thing.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already begun to see God’s purposes at work in your stripping-down time, you might want to consider: Is there something the Lord has for me to learn in this?  About humility?  About compassion?  About appreciation?  About letting go?

I urge you to consciously open yourself to His work. Humble yourself to learn. Open your heart to others.  Open your eyes.  Open your hands to release whatever it is you’re gripping too tightly.  Let the locusts have the bitterness and the resentment; you can’t afford the negative energy.  Focus instead on hope and possibilities.


~ by Serena on October 6, 2010.

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