Craving Clothing

There are days that I “feel” like wearing certain clothing.  I tried to explain this to my fiancé, who was quite bewildered by the concept.  Other women understand this phenomenon; no man I’ve encountered does.

There are days I “feel” like wearing my red, strappy heels.  Or my white pinstripe pants.  Or my zebra-print belt.  I liken it to having a food craving, except I “crave” certain articles in my closet.

Do you ever crave certain clothing?


~ by Serena on September 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Craving Clothing”

  1. Maybe I shouldn’t admit this but I understand… maybe not in a “craving” kind of way, but in wearing certain things based on how one feels.

  2. I totally understand but I’m pretty metro

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