I Heart Bob and the Colts

I consider it no less than a tragedy that we’re well into football season, and I haven’t yet commented about my beloved Colts!

After a rough start in Week 1, we finally showed up to play on Sunday night in the Manning Bowl as Peyton and my boys successfully beat up on little brother Eli and the Giants.   Did you see Dallas’ over-the-shoulder touchdown catch?  It was beautiful.  Not to mention Addai’s incredible rushing and The Freeney/Matthis Show on defense… Wow.  You boys make a redheaded, shoe lover proud.

I DO want to make a shout out to my man Bob Sanders.  I genuinely love that he plays with such abandon, but if he didn’t play with perhaps SO much abandon, he might get to play more!  We miss you, Bob…

I decided that I’m going to try to play nice this year and not talk smack about other teams, even though the Patriots still suck.

Here’s to a great season!  Go Colts! 🙂

~ by Serena on September 22, 2010.

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