Weddings = Expen$ive!

Weddings have become a multi-million dollar a year industry.  Our pastor mentioned during a sermon a few months ago that the average cost of weddings in Hamilton County is $30,000. (I have no idea where he got that statistic, but if a pastor says it, you know it must be real. Ha!)  After doing some preliminary wedding planning, I believe it.

Some of the reception halls we’ve seen require up to $18,000 purchase of food and beverage MINIMUM for using their facility on a Saturday.  One photographer I admire here in Indy charges $10,000 for their Platinum Package.  On Say Yes to the Dress (one of my favorite TV shows to watch at the gym), I’ve seen brides purchase dresses up to $25,000 each. 

Receptions are no longer cake and punch affairs: Dinners are served.  Favors are expected.  DJs and bands offer entertainment.  Costs (obviously) quickly add up.  It has become less about the couple’s union and more about the “show.”  Don’t get me wrong…I’m all for celebrating – and plan to – but do I really have to pay $90 per person for a plated dinner, hors d’oeuvres, and dessert? 

Clearly, the answer is “No.”  (And we won’t.)  Quite simply, we can’t afford all that.  Nor can we justify it.  We’re caught between desiring a nice wedding – but not wanting to go into debt to do it.  We’re grateful that family members have been exceedingly generous, yet we still want to be wise stewards of the money God has given us.  So we’re looking for ways to make the day special yet cost effective.  If you have any brilliant ideas, please let me know!


~ by Serena on September 21, 2010.

6 Responses to “Weddings = Expen$ive!”

  1. $18,000 minimum? That is unbelievable.
    We got married in Greg’s mom’s backyard; my stepfather did the ceremony, and we had about 50 people there. Greg’s dad arranged for the food from the owner of a restaurant that he was friends with. A friend did the flowers and only charged me for their cost. My dress was only $350. All-in-all, it was a very inexpensive affair. And one way you can probably save money is by doing your invitations yourself, with your design background!

    • I’m having a designer friend do our invitations. I work with a printer on a daily basis, so I may be able to get a good deal there. And I have a videographer co-worker. We’re thinking of having all the guys just wear black suits instead of renting. We’ll figure it all out, but it’s a tad overwhelming at times!

  2. Serena, check out “A Simple Wedding: A Faith-Filled Guide to Enjoying a Stress-Free Wedding,” by Sharon Hanby-Robie, published by GuidepostsBooks. You’re welcome to borrow mine — I’m not planning to need it for a few years (my girls are 11 and 18!) — but if this intrigues you, you might want your own.

  3. Maybe I could put you in touch with my friend Kendall. She’s getting married too, and it sounds like they’ve found a lot of ways to save money–I think they even found a place to have the wedding free!

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