A Potty Break

Remember the Heirloom Session I won?  (I don’t have the pictures yet, but hopefully soon!)

Anyway, we shot it a few weeks ago at my Grams and Pawpaw’s house.  The whole family was there, so I got to spend time with my beloved niece.  She might like her Aunt Serena a bit, so she often follows me around when we spend time together.  I slipped into the house at one point for a bathroom break.  A few seconds later, I heard her slam the front door, “Aunt Serena?”

“I’m in the bathroom, Anna, I’ll be right out!” I called.

But that apparently wasn’t quick enough for her, so she barged right in.  (Grams and Pawpaw don’t have a lock on their bathroom door, unfortunately.)

Next thing I know, she’s standing right by me as I harken the porcelain throne, and she’s stroking my hair.

“Your hair’s really long, Aunt Serena.  I’m going to hold it up for you so you don’t get it in your potty.”

While my hair is well down my back, that was the least of my concerns.  But I certainly appreciated her help, just in case. 🙂



~ by Serena on September 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “A Potty Break”

  1. I love that! So sweet wanting to help Aunt Serena.

  2. I’m just happy she has never successfully barged in on Uncle Dave. She has tried though….

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