Skin Cancer

I went to the dermatologist last week.  I laughed as the nurse asked me (among a barrage of other questions) when she took me back to my room, “Have you ever had any bad sunburns?” 

“All my life… I’m a redhead!” 

“Do you wear sunscreen?”

“SPF 100,” I answered.

The nurse shot me a look.  “I’m not kidding,” I offered.

Skin cancer runs thick in my family.  Dad currently has it.  Mom had it.  All four of my grandparents have had it, including one that was melanoma.  I’m well aware I’m going to get it, so I’m quick to visit my dermatologist when I notice skin changes.  This time, I was there for two moles – one that had changed color recently and another that had been steadily growing.

By the time I left, the dermatologist cut off three suspicious spots.  He said he doesn’t think they’re cancer, but I’ll have the lab results for sure in a few days.

*fingers crossed


~ by Serena on August 31, 2010.

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