Why I Have Cats

It was a normal morning in the Duke household.  I got ready for work, fed my girls their treats, and read in Ephesians.  In that order.

As I was walking to my car, something un-normal happened.  There was a woman in her pajamas with three dogs (two Great Danes that were bigger than me and one Toto dog that was smaller than my girls) on leashes that I had to walk in front of to get to my little blue Civic. 

I was not prepared for what happened next: the dogs mauled me.  Before I knew it, one of the Great Danes’ paws were coming at me – scratching my arms and getting mud on my top.  The owner did little to try to stop them and was unapologetic.

I had never seen them before, and thankfully, I haven’t seen them since.

It was a great reminder as to why I have cats.  Short of licking people’s hair occasionally (they have a thing for hair gel, apparently), they generally leave people alone.


~ by Serena on August 26, 2010.

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