Summer Jobs

For four (long) summers during high school and college, I worked at an anesthesiology office.  I started out doing simple office tasks, like filing charts.  By the end of my time there, I was filing insurance claims. 

I’m very grateful for my time in that office.   They paid me well, were always flexible with my vacation schedules, and they loved me enough to keep inviting me back. 

Despite all that, this job was an incredible challenge for me.  Not only did the family have dysfunction written all over it (drama, drama, drama), I deeply struggled when patients would come in, offering legitimate excuse as to why they couldn’t pay their bills.  My compassionate heart hurt for them, yet on more than one occasion I was forced (by my boss) to send them to collections. 

It was during those years that I realized I wanted a job that had nothing to do with insurance companies or the medical field. 

What did you learn during your summer jobs?


~ by Serena on August 13, 2010.

One Response to “Summer Jobs”

  1. In High School I worked at Hardees as a cook (especially the breakfast team). I learned to tolerate a lot of heat, especially with my hands. I can cook over a hot stove or grill and seldom get burned or overwhelmed.

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