I’m type A.  I’m driven.  I’m productive and not easily distracted when I’m focused on the task at hand (which is most of the time).

And yet, there are times that I somehow develop situational ADD.  Like at church. 

Take, for instance, my church experience a few weeks ago.  During musical worship, I was distracted by latecomers.  And the cute baby in the row in front of me.  And the lady who was so into the music that she was practically dancing in the aisle.

I tried to focus on the sermon, only for my mind to wonder about what’s for lunch.  And the guy who wouldn’t stop tapping his foot next to me.  And how I really need to wash my car.  And how I shouldn’t have drank so much juice at breakfast since my bladder was screaming at me.

And so, I went through the motions, but my heart was anywhere but worshiping Him.  I’m sure it’s Satan just trying to distract me.  I’m sad to admit that most times, it works. 


~ by Serena on August 5, 2010.

One Response to “My ADD”

  1. Yeah, your car is filthy.

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