I’ve been realizing lately how dependent I am on technology. A few weeks ago, our entire church network went down.  So when I showed up on Monday morning, I did approximately 27 minutes of work before I had done all I could do without the Internet. 

Last week, my printer’s uploading website was down, which required me to drive over there to drop my files off.  I’m sure that’s how they did it back in the stone age :), but I’ve become far too reliant on the ease of technology.

I feel old even typing this sentence, but I remember functioning quite well before the Internet.  But now that we have it, I seriously don’t know how we lived without it.


~ by Serena on August 2, 2010.

One Response to “Dependent.”

  1. …and “clipart” was copied illustrations that were literally cut out and pasted onto the page. Really, copied and pasted. I actually did this in college, even… didn’t do desktop publishing type of things on the computer until my senior year. (Did I mention that Wilma Flinstone was a personal friend?) I first used email when I was 20, and it was accessible from one of two computers in our dorm… My email address was my 5-digit student number The first time I saw : followed by ) I wondered what in the world that punctuation was supposed to mean. Once I found out, I thought emoticons were brilliant but could also be frivolously unncecessary. 😉

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