“I’m on a boat!”

My boyfriend and I recently went on a cruise.  I packed my SPF 100 (no kidding), and we were on our way. 

Our first stop was in Key West, Florida, where I faced my fear of snorkeling.  More on that tomorrow.  (Did you know Key West is where key lime pie was invented?)  Day 2 was in Cozumel, Mexico, where we swam with dolphins.  (I want one as a pet. :))  Day 3 was spent cruising all day. On Day 4, we stopped at an island owned by Royal Caribbean in the Bahamas.  (I don’t feel like I really experienced the Bahamian culture…just the fake, touristy culture on our island.)

Several general observations:

– We met a couple on their 14th cruise.  When they found out it was our first, they assured us that we would be “bit by the cruise bug.”  I’m not sure we were.  As much fun as we had, I don’t think I want my next vacation to be one.

– Tattoos, mullets, and speedos… oh my!

-I’m not shy about the fact that I battle body image issues.  However, after a few days surrounded by far too little fabric on far too many large people, I actually felt small.  Fit.  In shape.  I wore my bathing suit in public and didn’t feel like I should run in search of a parka.  I consider it nothing short of a miracle.

-There’s always food available.  Always.

-For the most part, if you want anything to drink other than water, it’ll cost ya.  We’re talkin’ $2.50 for a can of Coke.  Ouch.

-The ship boasts and offers lots of amenities, but they, too, will cost you.  The casino, portrait studio, tattoo artist, spa, salon, gift shop, Ben & Jerry’s, and art gallery were all too eager to take our money. 

-I was told that I would barely feel the ship moving.  They lied.  I felt it moving most of the time…and for 3 days after our return.

-For the entirety of the trip, I turned off my cell phone.  No calls.  No texting.  No e-mail.  As one who rarely sits down her cell phone, let alone turns it off, I struggled at first.  But once I embraced my “unplugged” nature, I reveled in it.  When it came time to turn my Palm back on, I didn’t want to.  It was wonderful to get away and truly relax.


~ by Serena on July 27, 2010.

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