I’m not a big fan of TV summer programming, so Hulu has become my new best friend.

I’m able to watch episodes of shows that I’ve missed – with limited commercial interruptions.  One of my favorite new shows I’ve been partaking in is Glee.  (It’s not a huge surprise, I know, since I love musicals.)  Sure, it’s cheesy, but they sing and it makes me happy.  (It also makes me happy I’m not in high school anymore!) 🙂

I’ve also started watching Justified.  It’s quite the opposite of my happy little Glee.  It’s a drama that usually involves some violence thanks to Raylan, a Deputy U.S. Marshall in Kentucky, who shoots to kill.  (When we watch it, it brings back my boyfriend’s Southern drawl, which is cute.)

What shows do you watch in the summer?


~ by Serena on July 26, 2010.

4 Responses to “Hulu!”

  1. Warehouse 13 and Eureka are what we watch. Hulu all the way!

  2. About the only thing I watch on TV is sports: Indycar racing, some Colts games, and occasionally some other major championships.

  3. Love hulu!

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