Grandma T

Today would have been my Grandma Thrush’s birthday.  She passed away December 28, 2002, at the age of 84.  The picture to the left is the last one we have of her (in blue).  It was taken weeks before she died at one of my bridal showers.  (They were drawing something on their heads which is why they look ridiculous. :))

Some of my fondest memories as a child were at Grandma T’s house. Mom would frequently drop me off there while running errands in town, and I loved it!  She let me watch The Dating Game (which my parents wouldn’t let me watch), and she let me have lots of candy, as well as peanuts, pickles, and cheese, a strange combination that I loved to eat there…all of which always spoiled my lunch.

My love for Grandma’s food continued as I grew older, as Sheryl and I would often make “pickle runs” to her house where we would raid her stash of homemade pickles.  Mmmm…

Truly, Grandma was a teacher, through and through.  She was always detailed and organized, and her handwriting was always perfect. I loved having Grandma read to me because she never skipped pages and never missed a word.

Grandma’s love for students was reflected in the impact she made on her students’ lives.  I randomly met one of Grandma’s students several years ago, and when she found out that “Mrs. Thrush” was my grandma, she said that though she never really liked school, she loved Grandma’s class and that she was her favorite teacher.

Grandma’s love for teaching continued even after she retired. For years, she was involved with the Lebauch Literary Institute, where she taught illiterate adults to read. She loved helping others.

She also loved working in her flower and vegetable garden and prided herself with their successes.  I loved helping in her garden, picking green beans and tomatoes and often snacking on the fruits of our labor.

Grandma fought through Wegener’s Granulomatosis (an extremely rare disease that  affects only 1 in 30,000 people) in 1996.  After 3 months in the ICU and another 3 months in rehab, Grandma finally returned home. The following Christmas is one of my most treasured, as Grandma sat aside her walker and took her first steps towards us (without help) to hug us goodbye.

Though she was frail her last several years, Grandma remained strong to the very end, never complaining as she struggled.  Grandma fought a long battle with her body, and she finally won as she is painfree and home.


~ by Serena on July 15, 2010.

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