My Dirty Glasses

I live in an apartment and consequently have an old dishwasher.  I also don’t have a water softener, so the hard city water comes straight into my old dishwasher, depositing lime, calcium, and gunk on my drinking glasses.

I went to a hardware store this weekend in search of a remedy.  A very nice gentleman recommended a small white bottle (that shall remain nameless) that his wife has used to help their same problem.  $6 later, I was home and excited to see the results!

…but it didn’t work.  So I marched myself back to the same hardware store.  The (still) very nice gentleman apologized and recommended the “big guns,” CLR.  Determined to clear up my glassware, I opted for the larger, 128 ounce bottle.  $28 later, I was on my way home and excited (again) to see the results!

…but it didn’t work, 5 runnings of the dishwasher later. 

I’m admittedly frustrated.  With the money I spent, I could have trashed my old glasses and bought new.  Instead, I’m out $34 and left with cloudy drinkware.



~ by Serena on July 8, 2010.

4 Responses to “My Dirty Glasses”

  1. Try white vinegar. Its cheap and it worked when I had that problem in our apartment. Put your glasses on the top rack and a glass bowl full of vinegar on the bottom rack and run the dishwasher without detergent. It worked on mine.

  2. My parents claim Lemon Shine is amazing. They gave us some but we haven’t had a chance to test it yet. We will let you know.

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