I know I’m blessed (especially in this economy) to have a job.  One that I (for the most part) enjoy.  One that I have a great boss.  One that I get generous vacation time.  And yet…

I’m pretty apathetic about it right now.  Ever since I got back from vacation a few weeks ago, I don’t care about what I’m doing.  Someone will make a request, only for me to think (not say, mind you), “Do it yourself.”  Or “You should’ve asked for that 3 weeks ago.”  Or “You’re not a priority right now.  Sorry.”

There’s (obviously) a part of my job that wears on me.  The Communications Team (much like the Production and Facilities teams here) are service oriented.  This means that we get asked (er… told) to do what ministries want, and we provide it.  Most days, I’m happy to serve.  Most days, I enjoy providing quality customer service and print publications to my co-workers.  MOST DAYS.

The past 17 days have not been some of them.  Apathy (or burnout) has overtaken me.  I guess it’s time for another vacation.  Or an attitude adjustment.


~ by Serena on June 24, 2010.

One Response to “Apathy”

  1. Do you feel like you are making a difference?

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