Vacation Bible School

Last week, 850+ kids invaded our church as Grace Kids Camp (our version of VBS) was underway.  It took me back to attending my church’s VBS as a kid. 

I have fond memories of going to church in the evenings.  We’d start with praise songs (although I don’t think we called them that back then).  We usually raised money for missionaries via boys and girls competing  against one another to see who brought in the most change.  (Admittedly, I was less interested in providing pencils for a school in Africa as I was beating those darned boys.) 

We’d then break out into our age groups and go to a room that was simply decorated where we’d be met by our teacher (usually a Sunday School teacher we knew well).  Sometimes we’d have characters “come to life” and visit our classroom.  They were always easily recognizable as fellow students’ parents.  (Apparently I wasn’t easily fooled.)

Somewhere in there, we’d go outside to play games.  Usually Red Rover, my favorite.

The night always ended with snacks.  Fruit and cheese.  Veggies.  Cookies on a good night with watered down lemonade.

My VBS memories don’t hold a candle to the theatrical production that occurred last week within my work’s walls.  And yet our church did well with what it had, gave the kids a good week to invite friends to church, and lives were touched.  Just on a much smaller scale.

Do you have fond VBS memories?


~ by Serena on June 22, 2010.

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