I Won!

The last thing I won was a Cabbage Patch Doll dressed as a cowgirl that came with a stuffed horse.  I still own Katie (the doll) and Horse (what I so aptly named the animal).  That was in 1988.

I seemingly never win things.  It’s not for a lack of trying.  I constantly fill out those stupid online surveys that come on receipts from restaurants and stores.  (Does anyone really win $1,000 weekly?  I think it’s a scam.)

All that to say, when I found out that I won a contest recently, I was sooooo excited! 

The Carpenters are a husband/wife photography team whose blog I follow religiously (They may sound familiar since I referenced them here.)  Over Mother’s Day, they had a contest to write about what an heirloom means to you and what one is for your family.  I wrote about my grandparents and their love (they’ll be married 60 years this November)… and WON!  (To read my award-winning entry, click here.  Scroll down to the We’ve Got A Winner post.) 

I won an Heirloom Session with the Carpenters.  They team up with husband/wife videographers the Moons.  Together, they create beautiful pieces that include video, music, pictures, and audio clips.  We’ll all be traveling to Peru sometime this summer to photograph my grandparents on their farm.  I’m sure I’ll post the finished product here.  I can’t wait!


~ by Serena on June 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “I Won!”

  1. Congrats! Melody is amazing. She’s shot two of my friends weddings and a friends engagement pictures. You’ll get top notch photos from her!!!!

  2. That is wonderful! Congrats!

  3. […] Potty Break Remember the Heirloom Session I won?  (I don’t have the pictures yet, but hopefully […]

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