A Slower Pace

Exactly 10 days after the Mini, I found myself back at the gym.  I walked in the doors and smiled at the familiar stench of sweat.  I quickly jumped back into my weight routine. 

Two days later, I challenged my legs to a run.  I breezed through the first 4 miles.  Then I experienced something I never have previously – severe knee pain.  It was so bad that it stopped me dead in my tracks.

After consulting my personal physical therapist (a.k.a. my brother), I discovered that the pain likely stemmed from my IT band.  The 13.1 miles during the Mini put a decent amount of strain on my body, and it likely hadn’t finished healing yet.  He prescribed 2 weeks off.

Two weeks to the day later,  I pounded the pavement as I partook in a lovely afternoon jog…until my knee pain returned.  Another 2 weeks off the knee for me.

For exercise, I’ve slowed down and started walking.  And I’ve loved it.  As much as I thought I’d miss the pressure, the pace, the drive, I’ve greatly enjoyed the peacefulness of my strolls. 

I very much empathize with Monica Seles in Getting a Grip: On my Body, My Mind, My Self when she said, “I’d lived my life in such extremes – seven-hour workouts followed by 5,000 calorie binges – that I wanted a change. I wanted less.  Instead of going to the gym or hitting the beach for a run, I walked – not at a furious pace or with the intention of getting somewhere, but just to walk. It felt good to move my body without feeling like I was inflicting punishment on it.”

I’m hoping and praying that my knee will recover so that I will be able to run again.  In the meantime, I’m really enjoying a slower pace…


~ by Serena on June 16, 2010.

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