Man on the Street

A few weeks ago, I helped my videographer co-worker with a video shoot.  We went to Monument Circle to film a Man on the Street video to be used during weekend services. 

My job was to round up potential victims for us to shoot.  (HA!)  I was shocked at how many people would see me approaching but kept walking without even making eye contact.  Some people flat-out said “No.”  A lot of people politely declined, saying that they were on their lunch hour and didn’t have time.  However, most people were willing once they learned that it would not be aired on television. 

Each person was asked the same question, “In your opinion, what is the biggest struggle with families today?”

Answers varied.  The most common were: respect, communication, money, and a lack of time spent together.   

I was stunned at one man’s reply. “I’m homeless and don’t have a family,” he began.  He went on to give the most poignant, insightful response.  He waxed eloquently for 2-3 minutes, our longest of the day. 

I encountered hundreds of people that day, but he was the one – the Man on the Street – that broke my heart.


~ by Serena on May 10, 2010.

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